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RIT Fans Line-up for Tickets

Dozens camped out overnight for tickets to Final Four
 Tiger fans gathered at RIT's Gordon field house tonight for the chance at a front row seat to history.
A facebook page sent RIT students into action, asking them to get on line for tickets to the frozen four this weekend in Detroit.
The school announced this afternoon that they will sell only 600 tickets to students, faculty and alumni starting tomorrow at 7A.M.
So they began lining up at 8 P.M.
  Second year student Tim Hebert says his third in line spot will guarantee he'll be part of the RIT corner crew.
 It's a group of students and band members that keep the crowd going.
  He said "We've been going to every game and we sit in the very front right in front of the glass. If we don't get first row tickets then were gonna break tradition and they might not win".
    Students will also sign up for bus tickets to the game, a must get for many students who don't have another way to get to Detroit.
    One of those is third year Biology major Josh Jording, who also has 2 tests in the morning.
 "Pulling all nighters its what you do in college" Jording said,"so why not do it outside waiting for tickets and kill two birds with one stone".
Scott douglass sees the bigger picture in tonights outdoor adventure.
He said "I think its really helping the community too. RIT is all together now wanting to see them win".

The school promises more tickets will come if the 600 are sold, but they will likely be scattered throughout the stadium.

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