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Rochester Airport Updating Airfield

These are federal dollars, Congresswoman Louise Slaughter says investing in the airport is good for Rochester's economy.
This is something passengers might not notice, but for pilots and crews, this is huge.
Safety, security and efficiency. Those are the top three priorities for Rochester airport director Mike Giardino.
"We inspect the airfield on a daily basis for anything that might go wrong and submit projects necessary," Giardino says.
A $2.9 million Federal Grant will revamp the airport terminal. $2 million will be spent on improvements to the tarmac, such as paving and drainage.
The rest of the money will upgrade the lighting on the tarmac.
"These funds will be exclusive to improvements made for safety in the airfield itself," Giardino explains.
Eddie Donahue is a frequent flyer.
"The more travel the better, I like to go anywhere out of the country so the more improvements will only make that better," Donahue says.
Passenger Laura Ohl knows safety is key.
"Especially given the weather this past winter how horrible the weather was any improvements makes it easier for pilots and travelling public is excellent money spent," says Ohl.
Giardino says construction in Rochester will start this summer.

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