Rochester Braces for Cold Start to New Year

Rochester Braces for Cold Start to New Year

Rochester braces for a cold start to 2014.
Rochester is bracing for a cold snap.  If you're heading out for rochester's new year's eve celebrations downtown tomorrow night you better dress for it.
It is bitter cold out and as meterologist Scott Hetsko says says it's becoming even colder.  Bundle up if you're planning to be part of the outdoor festivities tomorrow night as we say goodbye to 2013 and hello to a new year.

In a word----brrrr----it's the kind of cold where you can see your breath.The city's homeless shelters are on "Code Blue"alert for the next couple of days, meaning no one will be turned away.  A warm bed and hot meal is provided here for those who need it.

"I'm trying not to leave my house as much as humanly possible.  And if necessary, wear at least 6 layers," said Sarah Steele Jabaut, Rochester.

Good advice Sarah.  Especially if you're heading downtown tomorrow night to watch the city's spectacular fireworks display.
Be sure you are dressed appropriately---a warm coat, hat boots and gloves.

"I'm from Dallas, Texas, and this is very very cold. Very very cold.  Like it's freezing," said Cassandra Granados, Rochester.

The city will set off fireworks at 10pm Tuesday night outside the Riverside Convention Center at the Main Street bridge.

"It takes me, like, I feel like half the winter just to like mentally recognize it," said Hayley Harnicher, Rochester.

Haley will be here to celebrate, but she's  leaving for Texas the day after New Year's Day.
If you are sticking around----have a plan "B" if you plan to be outside.  And a dream to get you through.

"If it were up to me, I'd probably be somewhere where the sun shines right now," said Steele Jabaut.

For now we'll have to embrace this.

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