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"Rosie" Personal Shopper Coming to Wade's Market

Wade's Market in Farmington, Ontario County stays competitive with addition of "Rosie" personal shopper.
Technology is changing the way we shop for groceries.  It's helping a mom and pop grocery store in Ontario County, Wades Market,  stay competitive.  We introduce you to "Rosie" your personal shopper.

Come march 1st,  you'll be able to grocery shop from the comfort of your home or office.  Simply make your list online, then either pick up the goods at Wade's customer service desk or have them delivered right to your doorstep.  

"It would be convenient for me.  Especially being a single mom.  You know I've got two children, I work full time.  I sometimes have late hours.  So it would be very convenient to make a list.  Have it all ready and just be able to go," said Melissa Williamson, Manchester, Ontario County.

Like Melissa ,  Felica Skibinski is looking forward to having "Rosie" do the shopping so she can have peace of mind.  

"Well gosh, not having to come in and bring my children with me and shop without having to stop every five feet and say 'no' would be fantastic," said Felicia Skibinski, mother.

"Rosie" is the mastermind of Cornell University graduate student Jon Ambrose and a couple of friends.

"We just thought if there could be a way that you could shop online, from a local grocer of your choosing, pick out all of your favorite items.  Then, with a click of a button have that sent to a store, that'd be a really great thing," said Jon Ambrose, "Rosie" Co-founder.

The clerks at Wade's will actually shop for the grocery list and have it bagged at customer service.  The fee for in-store pick up is $1.99.    Door to door delivery costs$3.99.

"Moms have this guilt of over wanting to feed their families and be the perfect mom, perfect wife, perfect employee.  And they're time strapped.  And they can't do that because they don't have time to go grocery shopping, time to fix meal, time to do everything," said Jim Cheney, Store Owner.

"Rosie" gets smarter and smarter with every use.  She begins to remember your favorite items.  Even reminds you when you may be running out a particular product.
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