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RPD Reorganization

Rochester Police Chief unveils his reorganization plan to City Council Thursday night.
What's old is new again. We got a first look at a new plan for reorganizing the Rochester police department.  Under new leadership in the RPD comes a new plan on how officers will patrol city streets.
It may look familiar to some.  The model divides the city into five sections instead of the current two.  It's almost like the model they used back in 2004.  

For about a decade, Rochester police have operated out of two large station houses, one on the east side of the river, the other on the west.  But before the east-west divide, police were once split into seven patrol sections.

Under a plan unveiled to city council tonight, the new model calls for five patrol divisions.

"We think it's going to bring the officers closer to the community.  We're going to be able to convert from large patrol areas to individual neighborhood beats that will be assigned to a specific officer.  So we think all these things will help us have a better policing model," said Michael Ciminelli, Rochester Police Chief.

Kevin Davidson is a volunteer with PACTAC, he's been walking the beat in his Corn Hill neighborhood for four years, checking on his neighbors.  He welcomes the new model.

"Citizens watch out for each other but when you work with the police they're entrusting you to be their eyes and their ears.  And we're entrusting them to do something when something does come up," said Kevin Davidson, PACTAC.

The model essentially expands the downtown section to include Brown Square, Corn Hill and the South Wedge.  Another boundary is drawn at interstate 490 to the northwest.   The southwest crosses the Genesee River to include Genesee Valley Park and the U of R.

"We've kind of gotten away from getting to know the officers who patrol the neighborhood as well as we used to.  Because with certain officers assigned to the different regions, you used to see them more often.  See the same faces more often.  So, it'll be nicer to have a closer personal relationship with them again," said Kim Rachunok, Rochester.

If the new model is approved by city council, it likely won't take effect until 2015.
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