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Snow Makes Busy Day For State Police

The nasty roads meant a busy day for State Police.
The nasty roads meant a busy day for State Police. 

Troopers say it is simple- slow down and do not be in a hurry. 

"Looks like it's going to be rough traveling. I'm on my way to work; just hoping to get there safe really," Quinn Williams said. 

When a snowstorm rolls in, State Police keep busy helping helping drivers who become victims of snow and ice covered highways. No day is the same, but hundreds of calls are expected. 

"We pay attention to the weather forecast and we have additional people that we either hold over or bring in early for days like today and maybe tomorrow and over the weekend. Certainly we pay attention to that," Trooper Mark O'Donnell said. 

O'Donnell says he sees it all- from simple "slide-offs" where drivers lose control and drift off the highway to serious crashes where people end up in the hospital. 

"We have it every time the snow flies and the roads get snow-covered and slippery. It's imperative that people reduce their speeds. Leave enough room between you and the vehicle ahead of you for stopping distances," he said.

If you think you are safe because you have four-wheel drive, think again. 

"I think people fail to realize that just because you have four-wheel drive doesn't mean you can stop any faster in the snow. You can go through snow better than rear-wheel drive or front-wheel drive but you can't stop any faster," O'Donnell said. 

While the roads may be dangerous, some drivers say they know how to handle it. 

"It's Rochester. Nothing new to us, right." Williams said. 

It is always a good idea to give yourself some extra travel time. If you do not have a reason to go out, troopers say it is best to stay home. 
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