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Snow Shoveling Pays Off for Business Owners

Business owners say snow shoveling makes good cents.

It may seem like the winter that never ends.  It's been so cold the snow's not melting. for shop owners, that's a potential mess.  It just makes good business sense.  If you want to draw customers in to your shop, they have to be able to get to your front door.

Shoveling!  Few like to do it, but if you're a business owner, customers need to be able to get from the curb to your door.
The owner of Pearl nightclub on East Avenue says easy access is a must.  

"Everybody's looking for an excuse not to get out of their car right now.  So, if I can make it easy for them to get out of the car and not step in a pile of snow, I figure it's worth it.  Makes me a couple of extra bucks, ya know," said John Fazackerley, Pearl owner.

Just down the road, pizza shop owner David Bantle enjoys the workout a good snowfall gives him.   Inside, David's sister, Debbie, understands the value of a clean sidewalk.
"We have customers that park across the street, in the parking garage, work across the street.  If they have no access, they'll go someplace else," said Debbie Killaby, Stromboli Express.

The City of Rochester's responsibility is to clear the sidewalks when we have four inches of new snow.  Nothing more.

"It's just like on your residential street in front of your home.  You're responsible for ya know, shoveling your driveway, or having your driveway plowed out.  And you're responsible for clearing the actual sidewalk in front of your property." said Norman Jones, Commissioner of Environmental Services, City of Rochester.

So like it or not, for businesses, shoveling is a must.  Less snow on the sidewalk, means more dollars in the till.

The city has 600 environmental services workers to get the job done.   150 pieces of "snow fighting" equipment including plows, snow blowers and other machinery.  The most important thing, according to the City, is to keep the main roadways and sidewalks clear so people can get through in an emergency.
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