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Temple Beth El to Host Second Seder

Seder marks the beginning of Passover, and Temple Beth El in Rochester is trying something new this year.
Rochester, NY - Passover isn't just a tradition celebrating the liberation of the Israelites, it's a celebration that teaches the Jewish religion to future generations.

"There is no possibility of continuing this tradition unless the new generations understand and participate in the Jewish rituals," says Rabbi Bitran from Temple Beth El.

The Seder, which marks the beginning of Passover, is an opportunity for the family to reenact the liberation by way of food, story telling, and engaging the whole family, especially the kids.

"At the Seder table, the children have a most prominent place as they begin the telling of the story, asking a basic question - 'how is this night different from the other nights?'," explains Bitran.

It takes upwards of a month to prepare for Passover, with a top to bottom Spring cleaning, and ridding the home of anything not Kosher for Passover.

Everything at the table is symbolic - from parsley, which represents Spring, to the lamb bone, symbolizing sacrifice.

The first Seder takes place Monday evening with family, but for the first time ever, Temple Beth El will be holding a second Seder, with hundreds of people celebration together.

"We will begin with the traditional Seder, which will be about 45 minutes to an hour before the meal," explains Rabbi Freidson-King, Associate Rabbi at Temple Beth El, "and then we have a delicious spread. We have many traditions, lots of songs, fun for the kids. It's just going to be a great night."

If you're planning on attending, you're asked to call the temple office to make a reservation. 

For more information - click here:  http://www.tberochester.org/
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