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Testimony Continues in the Trial of Ralph Strong

He is the man accused of killing two people as well as shooting an RPD officer.
Testimony in the trial of a man accused of killing two people and shooting an RPD officer continues today.  Prosecutors say Ralph Strong murdered two people outside a local night club in June, 2013.  Today is the second day of testimony in the trial.

Prosecutors appear to be building up to showing surveillance video from the night of the shooting with all of this morning's testimony centering around the crime scene.  The bodies of Jemiah Singleton and Reggie Johnson were found in an alleyway near Club Network last June.  A Rochester police officer told prosecutors the scene on Central avenue was chaotic.  He says after he secured the crime scene he found a t-shirt and hat.  That evidence was collected.
A postal inspector testified he provided surviellence video to an RPD officer.  The defense grilled the inspector on cross examination asking how often the cameras are tested, if the time stamp was working properly, and if police had a warrant.  The witness said he was not given a warrant.

The medical examiners who performed the autopsies on the victims are expected to testify later this afternoon.
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