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The Nativity Basketball Team

Students of all different backgrounds are using the game of basketball to come together.
Students of all different backgrounds are using the game of basketball to come together. 

The Nativity School is a middle school for grades five through eight. They have 63 students, but what makes them different is the students there who come from all around the world. Currently, one-third of their students come from either immigrant or refugee families.

"They come to us from all over. We have children from Nepal, Russia, Somalia, Sudan, Kenya, Dubai; all over," Rebecca said.

Nativity also has students from a variety of religious backgrounds all under one roof. The values of diversity and acceptance translate onto the court and are embraced by the Nativity Basketball Team.

"They are learning from each other about diversity; different opinions and biases that they have from their respective countries and nationalities. On the basketball court kids who have been here for awhile and have watched college and the NBA and know more about the game are teaching the kids from other countries about the game," Tommy said.

"Let everybody have a chance. Let's get as many kids involved as possible, teach them the skills, get out there and have a fun time," Rebecca said.

Kids who are on the teams together often talk about how they have bonded to become friends for life. 

"It's like you are family, having teamwork and not making fun of each other," Arzuman said.

The team currently has a record of 4-4 and looks to continue building skills and friendships as the season continues. 
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