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"Wheel of Fortune" Watch Party

Maria Meteyer of Fairport delivers cancer awareness message on national television as a game show contestant.

 A Fairport woman delivered a life saving message on national t-v Thursday night. You saw Maria Meteyer and her husband Jeffrey on "Wheel of Fortune" right here on WROC.   Maria is a cancer survivor.   They threw a "watch party" Thursday night. 
She spun the wheel and won in every category that really matters in life.

"Hi Pat.  I'm an instructional coach for the Rochester City School District.  I am a three-month, stage-3 breast cancer survivor.  And I would love to spread the message that routine mammograms really do save lives," said Maria Meteyer, cancer survivor.

Maria Meteyer and her husband got hooked on "Wheel of Fortune" while watching the game show during Maria's chemotherapy treatments.

 She eventually got competitive and made it onto the show.  It was taped in Los Angeles late last year.  It aired tonight on CBS.  Maria took advantage of the national platform to encourage women everywhere to get routine mammograms.

"My cancer was not found through a lump.  It was found through a routine mammogram.  And it had only been one month and three days since my previous mammogram.  And it had already turned to a stage three.  So, cancer can spread very quickly.  And I do feel that a routine mammogram did save my life," said Maria Meteyer, cancer survivor.

Thursday night, the Meteyers threw this "Wheel of  Fortune" watch party to say thank you to family and friends who supported Maria during her battle with cancer.

"It's been a hard time for them with the cancer that Maria went through.  And fought hard and came through a winner," said Heather Melville, family friend.

The prize they walk away with is a clean bill of health.

"Absolute winner.  I guess I was a winner when we found out that Maria was cancer free after she had gone through a lot of the chemotherapy.  So, just having everyone together and having a chance to go on the show, is just that much better," said Jeffrey Meteyer, Fairport.

Maria says she hit the jackpot.

"That was my biggest prize.  It gave purpose to my cancer," said Maria Meteyer.

Maria hopes her game show message will save lives.

Maria has been cancer free for five months now.

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