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Whittemore on Tape: "I Just Snapped."

The taped statements Clayton Whittemore made to police are released.

Clayton Whittemore is charged with the death of Alex Kogut, after police said she was beaten to death in her SUNY Brockport dorm room in 2012.

Now his taped statements made to police investigators have been released.

When Clayton Whittemore was taken into police custody at a rest stop outside of Syracuse, he told investigators what happened hours before in September 2012.

"I just snapped," said Whittemore.

The 21-year old told New York State Police that he and his high school sweetheart, 18-year old Alex Kogut, had gone out to dinner.

Then they started to fight.

The fighting got worse inside her SUNY Brockport dorm room.

"She started pushing me, pushing me, and kept doing it," described Whittemore.

So Whittemore said he pushed back.

"I just wanted her to understand the initial argument,” he said.

Which was disrespect?” asked an investigator.

Yeah that was it," Whittemore replied.

Whittemore told police he threw her.

"It was right on the bed. She hit her head on the wall. It was kind of hard I think," he said.

Police ask if Alex yelled anything at him.

He said no.

But the fighting continued.

"How many times did you hit her,” asked police.

It wasn't a high, high number I would say," said Whittemore.

" Did you hit her with anything else,” questioned police.

An iron. A hair straightener,” he said.

Whittemore said he did that because he though alex was dying and didn't want her to suffer.

What he said next was shocking.

"It was like watching an animal suffer. Someone you love. I am not going to watch them suffer," he explained for why he hit Kogut again several more times with the objects.

When police asked Whittemore if he thought Alex was in a better place, the 21-year old shook his head “no.”

He also told police that he had a bad history with his father who he said was abusive.

Whittemore's attorney did not want the interrogation tapes released prior to the trial for fear of a tainted jury pool.

However, a judge ruled that they were part of the public record.

The tapes were released on Friday.

Whittemore's trial is set to begin at the end of March.

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