David Taber - Meals on Wheels

David Taber - Meals on Wheels

&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; <p style="margin-bottom: 0in"><font face="Arial, sans-serif"><font size="3">In this week's Golden Giver report, we honor one of the thousands of volunteers for Meals on Wheels. David Taber of Fairport is dependable, devoted, and committed to the people in his care.</font></font></p>
Every single day, David Taber delivers lunch and dinner to people like 91 year old Martha Freeman. He's a volunteer with Meals on Wheels, which serves thousands of people in Monroe County every year. David began volunteering in 1994, and he's never stopped. "None of us do it for this kind of award," David says. "We do it because there's a need and we want to help fill that need."

"He's been here for more than 15 years now and is incredibly committed to the seniors he's serving," says Phil Shippers, Director of Monroe County Meals on Wheels. "He's an extremely loyal volunteer."

The need for Meals on Wheels is growing. Right now, 80 people are on the waiting list.

"My friend right across the hall would like to have meals," says Martha. "She's right across the hall from me and she would like to have meals. I tell her how nice they are, and I enjoy them."

Meals on Wheels is a program of necessity. Volunteers like David prove it's a program that offers friendship, too.

If you'd like to learn more about Meals on Wheels, click here.

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