Debate Over Payments for Medley Centre Rages On

Debate Over Payments for Medley Centre Rages On

The East Irondequoit School District votes unanimously to hold Medley Centre Developer Scott Congel to payments owed.
The East Irondequoit School Board voted unanimously tonight to approve a measure
that now demands Medley Centre owner Scott Congel pay nearly 4-million dollars 
in penalties for failing to meet milestones when it comes to the struggling

The East Irondequoit School District and Medley Centre's owner, Scott Congel,
are far apart when it comes to working out a new payment in lieu of taxes
agreement.  A new PILOT is essential in order for Congel to get financing for

"People are frustrated.  There's a lot of promises but there's not a lot of
movement.  We think we've been as flexible as we can be," said John Abbott, East Irondequoit Deputy School Superintendent.
Congel has met some of the basic milestones.  The next one including $3.8
million to be paid to the school district is due February 1st.

"Certainly there's a lack of progress on the owner's part.  And I think the
board had no alternative but to do what they did.  Time, time is, time is . it's
time for the project to either move forward or be done with," said Don Regoord, Irondequoit.

  Congel  disputes the amount that he owes.  In the past he offered to pay
$1.65 million.  Monday he raised that amount to $2.1 million, calling it his best
and final offer.

"Essentially this is extortion, or green mail,  call it what you will.  But the
school district should not be in the economic development business.  They're the
ones who are receiving the money.  They should not be making demands for money they are now owed," said Arnie Rothschild, Congel Spokesman.

Congel purchased the mall property five years ago.  Not much if anything has
happened since.

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