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Deer Bone Ice Rink Attracts Hockey Fans From All Over

For 18 years, a backyard ice rink in Fairport has attracted skaters from all over. It's called Deer Bone, a family passion and a community favorite.
On Friday the Amerks will take the ice at Frontier Field for an outdoor game with Lake Erie.
It'll hard back to the origins of the game, outside and in the cold air.
It's that appeal that brings dozens of local hockey players to an outdoor rink in Fairport.
As Thad Brown reports, it's a family passion that's become a community favorite.

The Stancampiano family project began like most. "My son approached me one day, he was about 5 years old, he said 'daddy will you build me a skating rink?" said Brian Stancampiano. "I thought it was an awesome idea, but then the scope of it just floored us, " said Randy Makoski, Stancampiano's brother-in-law. Deer Bone Arena is a bit bigger than half the size of an NHL rink, with boards all around, a scoreboard, and a fully stocked locker room. "It's impossible to do by myself. And what keeps Deer Bone going is volunteers like this, and over the years, a couple of hundred families have helped out." Brian Stancampiano certainly spends plenty of time and money on Deer Bone. When he makes the first ice he sleeps in 45-minute naps. But even with both kids grown, the rink is opening for the 18th straight winter. High school teams practice at Deer Bone and there are plenty of all-day tournaments. The extra ice time has helped launch D1 careers for Stu Wilson of Yale and Cole Bardreau of Cornell. "When I hear the kids tell the stories of the fun they're having at Deer Bone and the memories they have and watching them play, it's just delightful," says Stancampiano. Which is why Deer Bone's future likely includes many more winters.

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