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Democratic Mayoral Candidate Lovely Warren Hits The Polls

It's the hottest race this election day; Democratic Mayoral Candidate Lovely Warren makes her way to the polls with her husband and daughter.
All eyes on the polls this Election Day.
The biggest race in the run up, the race for Rochester Mayor.
Lovely Warren, Tom Richards, and Alex White all on the ballot.
This has been a race full of twists, Lovely says she's been focused on winning.
Months of hard work and campaigning paved the way for this day, Election Day, as Democratic Mayoral Candidate Lovely Warren hit the polls at Northeast-Northwest Preparatory Academy.
She came in with her husband and daughter telling us she hopes to make history tonight being Rochester's first female mayor.
She wants to see a big voter turnout for today.
Warren says us she's committed to making sure the streets are safe and children are educated.
She's been focused on her campaign from day one and she's not allowing mayor Tom Richards announcement- he'll serve if elected- affect her.

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