District Attorney Dropping Charges Against Edison Teens

District Attorney Dropping Charges Against Edison Teens

The story of their arrest at a bus stop made national news.
Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley says she will drop the charges against three Edison Tech students who were arrested while waiting for a school bus to take them to a basketball scrimmage.

News 8 first reported about the incident that happened Wednesday morning on Main Street. The boys were with their teammates when they refused to move after an officer asked them to disperse. The boys say they pleaded with the officer to let them stay because they were waiting for the bus. Their coach arrived as they were being put in handcuffs and says he was threatened with arrest when he tried to intervene.

Doorley told News 8 in a brief text message the charges would be dropped.

Later, Doorley sent a statement, "After reviewing the facts associated with these arrests, I have decided to dismiss the charges in the interest of justice." 

Yesterday, Police Chief James Sheppard said he would let the matter play out in court. He did not say he was concerned with the arrests.

Meanwhile, the story has made national news. MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell interviewed former U.S. Attorney Dan French who said the teens have grounds for a lawsuit. "In this case, if the facts are what's being reported, that the students told the police officers what they were doing, that the coach told the police officers what they were doing and then they effectuate an arrest, those are the kinds of facts that can prevail in civil rights cases in federal courts."

O'Donnell remarked, "I 
believe it is virtually impossible to obstruct pedestrian traffic in Rochester, New York downtown at 8:43 a.m."

BuzzFeed also picked up the story.

oach Jacob Scott said CNN plans to attend their game tonight.

"I'm excited about the fact the charges were dropped," Scott said. "Now the dialogue needs to take place about why this even happened."

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