Expert Discusses Affordable Care Act

Expert Discusses Affordable Care Act

Dr. Tom Campbell explains health insurance changes happening now.
Dr. Tom Campbell with Highland Hospital sat down with Ali Touhey on News 8 at Sunrise Thursday morning to discuss the Affordable Care Act.

The most important changes are occurring now, Campbell said.

There are over 2.7 million uninsured individuals in NYS. Most of these can obtain low-cost insurance through the NYS Health exchange which has now gone live.

If you have no insurance, you will need to sign up for a plan between October and January 1. There are four levels of benefits (bronze, silver, gold and platinum) at different costs.
There are substantial subsidies based upon income to help pay for these plans.

NYS has funded highly trained Navigators to provide one on one assistance for individuals to shop for and sign up for health insurance. These navigators are at 10 sites around the city and more in the region, including most of the neighborhood health centers.
This help by Navigators is available by appointment only:

If you have health insurance that you are happy with, no need to do anything.

If you have an expensive health care plan, you may be able to save money purchasing health insurance on the exchange, the doctor explained.

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