Experts Recommend Getting Your Flu Shot Early

Experts Recommend Getting Your Flu Shot Early

On a summer like day getting the Flu is probably the last thing on your mind, but experts say now is the time to go get your Flu shot.
Last year's Flu season was deadly, "we had more than 25 people, just in our community alone, die from flu," explained John Ricci, Spokesman for the Monroe County health Department, "there were more than 800 people sick enough to require hospitalization."

This year it doesn't have to be, "everyone six months of age and over should be vaccinated against flu," said Ricci.

Experts recommend getting vaccinated before Flu season starts in November, "it takes somewhere between 10 and 14 days, a couple of weeks, for your body to develop immunity once you've been immunized against flu," explained Ricci, "so you don't want to wait too long into the season."

Workplace Vitality and Flu Prevention Partners held one of its first clinics, Tuesday, hundreds showed up to get their flu shots.  "We start vaccinating as soon as possible," explained Joanna Daeschner a Registered Nurse at Workplace Vitality, "the CDC now tells us as soon as it hits our shelves, we're good to go."
This year Flu Prevention Partners is offering a preservative free vaccine for pregnant women and children who are 3 years old.  All adults will receive the same type of vaccination, "right now with a strains which cause most epidemics and most signs and symptoms we're feeling that the trivalent is right for our population," explained Daeschner.
Getting vaccinated now means you won't have to fight the crowds or the flu later, "I happened to be over here at a dance class, so I said hey, I'll do it right now, and there's no lines," said Jeannette Leonardo.

Daeschner added, "Flu is unpredictable we were surprised with H1N1 a few years ago, we had epidemics in October, and you do need about two weeks to build up immunity so the time is right."

Flu Prevention Partners is hosting dozens of clinics throughout the season.  For more information visit their website by clicking here.

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