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Families Feeling The Impact After Food Stamp Cuts

Hundreds of families in the Rochester community go without food every night. Today a funding cut in the food stamp program will make it harder for families to keep food on the table.
Millions of Americans who receive food stamps will be getting less money.
That's because a temporary benefit in place since 2009 has expired.
Local food banks are preparing for more families.
Toxie McCullum has been out of work for a year and does the best she can to provide for her 15 year old son Keenan.
She's been getting $260 a month in food stamps, that's being cut by $22.
Toxie's not alone, Foodlink says 16% of New Yorkers are seeing cuts in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP.
Previously a family of four could receive up to $668 a month, that's being cut by $36.
Jerome Nathaniel started the SNAP outreach program with Foodlink in March, the number of people they help has nearly doubled.
Many wonder how they'll make ends meet.
Toxie says with the holidays approaching, the good stamp cuts couldn't come at a worse time.
Families like hers will be doing everything they can to stretch their SNAP dollars.

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