Female Scores TD In Schroeder Win

Female Scores TD In Schroeder Win

Jensine Folu-Montes finishes 49-8 win over Wilson
For the first time in Section Five football history this sentence is accurate: She scored a touchdown.

Jensine Folu-Montes ran the ball in from two yards out to cap a 49-8 Schroeder win over Wilson in Webster Tuesday night.

It's believed to be the first time a female scored a varsity TD in Section Five and it came in what's believed to be the first Tuesday night game in Section Five history.

Not to be overshadowed was the performance of Warriors starting running back Bam Akinniyi, who rushed for 317 yards and five touchdowns.

Even Akinniyi would probably admit the highlight of this game was the two yards Folu-Montes covered.

"I have been around this game for a lot of years playing and coaching and I can't remember feeling a rush like that," said Schroeder head coach Kali Watkins. "When I saw her cross the (goal) line, I got goosebumps all over. I just couldn't contain myself."

"It was wonderful. I'm so happy that everyone was so excited... just as excited as I was," Folu-Montes said. "We were all feeling the same feeling."

Watkins says he hoped and planned to get Folu-Montes into a game at some point this season because she had "earned it." Her teammates made sure Tuesday was the night.

"They were pushing. They wanted it and they said 'Coach, you've got to call it'," Watkins said. "The line fought over who's side she was going to go over and the right side won."

Folu-Montes has an older brother, Chris, who was an excellent back for the ER/Gananda team. Jensine played JV for the Bombers and scored a pair of TD's on that team. This, however, was her first touchdown for the varsity.

"I was very excited," Folu-Montes said. "It was such a good feeling to have everyone supporting me and wanting me to get that touchdown. It was really exciting."

Wilson's lone TD came on a 4th down pass in the first quarter from Jaquan McCullough to Ahmonz Hunter that traveled 19 yards.

The remaining Schroeder points not scored by Akinniyi or Folu-Montes were courtesy the defense. Andrew Bardusch stopped a Wildcat run in the end zone for a first quarter safety and Zack Withers ran a fumble back 22 yards for a third quarter touchdown.

Schroeder is now 3-1. Wilson drops their first game of the year and falls to 2-1.
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