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Firefighting in Frigid Temperatures

Firefighting can be a grueling job on a typical day, but add in the weather we've been experiencing lately, and it adds a new set of challenges.
You need water to fight a fire, but add in the frigid temperatures of late, and firefighters are faced with a new set of challenges.

The spray from the hoses can freeze up, causing the scene of a fire to turn into a skating rink. For that, crews need to spread salt on the ground to prevent it from becoming slick.

Their gear is insulated, so they're at least somewhat protected from the extreme temperatures.

Chief Deputy Peterson from the Rochester Fire Department says there are some things that we, as residents, can do to help make their job just a little bit easier.

"On the outside for us, they can shovel the hydrants, make sure we have clear access to all the fire hydrants," says Peterson. "Also, keep their sidewalks clear because we also respond to EMS type runs so we want to have a clear sidewalk and clear access to their house."

He also says working carbon monoxide and fire detectors are a must!

And, if you're going to use space heaters, make sure you use them properly. Don't use extension cords, and make sure they're far away from combustibles. 
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