St. John Fisher Among Colleges to Offer Exit Test

St. John Fisher Among Colleges to Offer Exit Test

The test will be voluntary and measure graduates' skills.
St. John Fisher College is among 200 colleges that will offer voluntary exit tests to students.

The Collegiate Learning Assessment will be used to measure critical thinking. Some employers worry that college GPAs are not a good sign of how well a person will perform on the job. The test could be used as another way for students to prove they have what it takes to succeed.

The is the first year the school will have students take the test. As part of the pilot program a group of 200 students will take it. The group will be made up of a mixture of incoming freshmen, juniors and graduating seniors. Dr. David Pate, Dean of Arts and Sciences says, "our purpose is really to say what are students coming in like and what sort of measurable impact have our programs, our core curriculum, and their overall fisher experience had on their critical thinking skills."

The data will be used to determine how much students improve over the years.

The data can also be used to show if students are ready for the workforce, "if a student is going to be successful there's a certain amount of content knowledge that they need, there's a certain amount of ability to apply what they know in novel situations, there's maturity, there's personal drive," explained Dr. Pate, "and so clearly there's not going to be any single measure that's going to capture that, it would be very convenient if one number or one test did it there's no one number, this will be a useful piece of information along with the GPA."

Dr. Pate says they will determine how the tests will be administered in the future after this year.
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