Food Trucks in Limbo

Food Trucks in Limbo

Pilot program ends at the end of the year.
Rochester's food truck pilot program expires at the end of the year, but there's not yet a plan to keep it going into the new year.

"As of right now there is nothing concrete going into 2014," said Joe Cario, owner of Roc City Sammich. 

Since June, the program has allowed food trucks to set up in several locations downtown during lunch hours - two trucks to a spot. There are 10 trucks participating in the program. many have spent money to meet city safety standards.

"So we've been asked to spend money for maybe no reason," said Cario. 

City Clerk Dan Karin said City Council will likely approve a measure extending the pilot program through March 31. Legislation is being drafted. Karin said the food trucks are popular and the city hasn't gotten many complaints. But a permanent plan hasn't yet been proposed. Karin said a permanent plan could include an expansion and tweaking of the locations. 

"We're looking for a way to extend the pilot program beyond January 1st," said Karin. "We think the cleanest and easiest way to go is to extend the pilot program through the maybe the 31st of March, give the council and new mayor a chance to review the report."

"I think it's just a Band-Aid fix...Not only are there not more spots that are going to be available for 2014, but there might be a halt altogether while the city gets some things together in the mayoral change," said Elizabeth Clapp, owner of Le Petit Poutine.

City Council has only one more meeting before the end of the year.
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