Former NBA Star, Others Face Weapons Charges After Gun Raid

Former NBA Star, Others Face Weapons Charges After Gun Raid

Several Rochester men are facing charges for weapons possession, and one of them is a former NBA star.
Rochester Police executed three search warrants, including one at the home of Arthur Long, 40, in Gates. They confiscated more than a half dozen assault weapons. Police believe it revolves around organized drug activity in Rochester's PLEX neighborhood.

RPD showed us assault rifles, handguns and a shotgun. They were taken from a home on Chi-Mar Drive in Gates, a home on Cottage Street and a home on Warehouse Street in Rochester. Chief Jim Sheppard believes all may be related to recent shooting, including one of this weekend on Hobart Street in the city. One man has life threatening injuries.

Police charged former NBA player and East High School graduate Art Long with criminal possession of a weapon, criminal possession of stolen property and various drug charges. They also charged Brian Weaver, Korey Weaver and Dominic Nicolson with criminal possession of a weapon. Police are encouraging neighborhood watch groups to come forward. They are also asking residents who know or witness anything to speak up.

"We used to consider the United States was a melting pot. Now nobody melts anymore. Everybody wants their own thing, and there's too many own things. We have to join together in order to make it safe," James Muscatella said.

City residents and leaders shared their ideas on how to make the streets safer. They will vote on the top three ideas and present them to the city to possibly implement by the end of the year.

"It is very important that citizens do come forward over the events that happened this past weekend. The police can't do it alone and we urge all citizens to get involved with coming forward, making anonymous calls.  Just sharing what they know," Raymond Mayoliz said.

If RPD gets help, it expects more arrests in the weekend violence. Chief Sheppard says if people do not speak up, things will remain the same.

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