Gavin Hall Reflects on US Open

Gavin Hall Reflects on US Open

Soon-to-be Texas freshman got a lot from his week at Merion

Gavin Hall is happy to be back to his normal schedule. He's playing junior tournaments around the country and the top events in Rochester. However, after spending a week amongst the world's best pros at the US Open, he plays with the confidence he could not have found anywhere else.

"I feel like I can compete with those guys," said Gavin, "I wanted to soak in the experience, and I did, but also take away a few pieces that I need to work on with my game. If I keep working hard and sticking to the same game plan, I think that's the road that I need to be on."

Gavin will play in the Ryan Memorial this week at Irondequoit Country Club. The long term goal is to be playing every week on the PGA Tour with the best players in the world. To do that, nothing beats the experience he has gained playing on a stage like the one at the US Open.

"Especially (when it comes to) moving on, after you hit a bad shot," said Hall, "how you're going to handle your next shot. Those guys are so good at it, especially composing themselves with such a big crowd and such a big atmosphere."

It's a lesson Gavin seemed to learn pretty quick when he ended a string of five straight bogeys with a hole-out eagle on the 8th hole during his first round.

"I hit that one really well, and to have the crowd like that was something I've never experienced before," said Gavin, "I didn't see it go in, but I certainly heard it."

Gavin admits he was frustrated not making the cut, but just being there was a victory in itself.

"Any time that I can have just a little sneak peak at what's going on is really beneficial to me," Gavin said.

It's beneficial not only in becoming a PGA pro but also this summer and in the fall when he begins his career at Texas.
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