Gena Stoll-Ewart, McQuaid Jesuit High School

Gena Stoll-Ewart, McQuaid Jesuit High School

 Everyone at McQuaid Jesuit High School calls Gena Stoll-Ewart "Frau" which means Mrs. in German. Frau is being honored for her excellence in the classroom and her kindness outside school.

Everyone at McQuaid Jesuit High School calls Gena Stoll-Ewart "Frau" which means Mrs. in German. Frau is being honored for her excellence in the classroom and her kindness outside school.

Kamol Aliyev has quite a story. "My family moved from Rochester in 2006. We came from Russia, we're Turkish refugees from Russia."

Nobody in his family knew English. McQuaid Jesuit Foreign Language Teacher Gena Stoll-Ewart was the answer to their prayers. Everyone at McQuaid calls her "Frau."

Kamol says "The first word she said is Ho geldin, which means welcome in Turkish. So my parents and I were there, so you know it changed everything."

So as McQuaid Principal Father James Coughlin peaked into her classroom we waited with Kamol to surprise Frau and thank her.

Not only has Frau helped Kamol, she makes regular visits to his parents. "And then she comes on Tuesdays every week to help my parents speak the english, speak the language you know, understand the language. She teaches them, tutors them basically in English."

Frau does not think what she's done for Kamol and his family is going above and beyond. "I don't think it is but I'm blessed to have the opportunity to do so."

That statement there says it all about Frau. "What it says is not only does she teach what we value here at McQuaid but she lives it" says Italian Teacher Alba Lupia. "So not only, if she's not cooking for the Ronald McDonald House once a week or if she's not tutoring local refugees, she's at Monroe Community Hospital sitting with the elderly."

"That's what we're called to do" says Frau. "If we're true Americans we take care of those who come here looking for the opportunity and the freedom from the oppression and we have to reach out to them. I am far more blessed than they, to have known them and to have been able to do this."

"Frau" Gena Stoll-Ewart is a News 8 Golden Apple Award winner. If you look below you can read the wonderful letter we received from Kamol nominating her.

Dear News 8,

I am nominating Gena Stoll-Ewart, a foreign language teacher at McQuaid Jesuit High School where students refer to her as "Frau", which literally means "Mrs." in German. I am a Turkish refugee who immigrated to the U.S. in 2006. A friend tutored me for a year to help me learn English and tutored me to help me pass the McQuaid entrance exam.

After I was accepted into McQuaid my friend tutored me until he graduated and then Frau tutored me on a daily basis so I would not fall behind. Not only did she tutor me in every subject, she read with me and taught my mother English so she would understand my school assignments. Frau is a very loving and caring teacher. Frau is loved and respected at McQuaid. She dedicates all her time to help the entire student body with anything that they may need help in. She does everything she possibly can to help them grasp the concept of any subject and makes sure they fully understand it. She helps her students on a variety of different subjects. She teaches French, Latin, German and english.

I would like you to understand what a wonderful and dedicated person she is. And what a wonderful mentor that every single person should strive to be like. McQuaid teaches us to be "Men for others" and Gena Stoll-Ewart is a living example of that.


Kamol Aliyev, McQuaid Jesuit High School

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