Geneseo Students Keep Environment in Mind

Geneseo Students Keep Environment in Mind

SUNY Geneseo students focus on the environment.
During the winter months, it can be easy to forget about the environment. But some students at SUNY Geneseo are bringing it to the forefront and they're even being rewarded with a state grant.

For some SUNY Geneseo students, living green is a part of everyday life. The school has an EcoHouse where students interested in the environment can live together. It was created three years ago. "It's a community of people who come together that are focused on environmental issues, sustainability, social justice. And we work together to try and improve those efforts on campus, as well as to increase our own knowledge," says Karen Clark, Area Coordinator, EcoHouse

This week students hosted a "Live Green" day on campus. They also have a walk for water planned in April. "What I've learned is once students are aware of the issues, they really make every effort to follow through and do their part. So we see our role as educating the students so they can make those educated choices," says Clark.

Come spring there will be a lot more green activities on campus. A field will be turned into an e-garden. "We have a sustainability task force that is actually getting a pretty considerable grant from the state to build a black fly energy unit and also have solar panels and really great technology that students will be able to see and interact with here on campus," says Jen Benson, EcoHouse Resident

The grant for the e-garden is one of ten being given to schools across the state. "Once spring comes and nice weather we are going to have kids outside planting and thinking more sustainably about what they are eating," says Lucas Johnson, EcoHouse Resident

 They are all ideas that will help inspire the next generation. "Whether it's redoing an entire building or switching to CFL bulbs, you can essentially see sustainability happening all over campus which is really wonderful," says Benson.

Geneseo just completed some major green renovations on one of it's residence halls. Coming up in our go green report next week, we'll show you some of the key environmental features.

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