Girl Scouts Looking for New Members

Girl Scouts Looking for New Members

The group reminds community they still serve thousands of young girls - and would like to serve more.
The Girl Scouts are pushing to recruit new members and adult volunteers. Membership nationwide has fallen to 2.3 million girls from 2.9 million in 2003.

There are about 20,000 Girl Scouts in the Rochester area. The organization is competing with more activities for girls.

"Girl Scouts has made so many advances in making it possible for girls to do anything, so now we're up against sports, other clubs, things like that," said membership manager Lani Sherrill. "The difference with Girl Scouts is it's something you can carry with you your entire life."

The local Girl Scouts groups has girls who want to participate, but can't join because there are not enough volunteers. The Girl Scouts stresses there are flexible options for adults and girls who want to join.

"We offer a lot of options. If you have 30 minutes, we have opportunities for you," said Renee Finnemore, adult development coordinator.

To watch our interview with Sherill and Finnemore on news 8 First at 4, click on the video above.
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