Go Green: Modest Wanderer

Go Green: Modest Wanderer

A new, local online business is helping people connect with an eco-friendly life.
If you're looking for ways to green up your life, a local woman has the website for you. Shelly Thomas and her husband recently started up http://www.modestwanderer.com   

"Modest wanderer and co. is an online site and educational journal. So we sell products but we also provide education through the journal and we are going to be going forward into the community with workshops and classes," says co-founder Shelly Thomas.

The website is divided up into 5 categories. Adventuring, nesting, nourishing, creating, and nurturing. "You will see posts and educational pieces, videos, photography based in those categories, and you will also see a parallel in the products we sell," says Thomas.

The website was launched in November. So far it's been a big hit. People especially like the recipes that incorporate lots of local ingredients. Some of the products like organic pillows and books are also selling well. After getting degrees in hospitality management and education. Thomas decided to use skills and her passions to build the site.

"I have a unique set of skills and my passions were in being outdoors and healthy living, healthy cooking, shopping local, and sustainability.   So, I kind of combined the two and came up with Modest Wanderer and Company," Thomas adds.

She hopes that people will use the site to make life-long changes. Getting away from a consumer driven society and reducing their carbon footprint, just like she did.

"I just took a moment and stepped back, realized I got sucked into that lifestyle, and I'm making changes in my own life and I hope to inspire others to do that as well," says Thomas.

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