"Go Red" for Heart Disease

"Go Red" for Heart Disease

The American Heart Society is asking everyone to wear red Friday to support the number one killer of women--heart disease.

Friday is the American Heart Society�s, �Go Red for Women� day.  It is to raise awareness for the number one killer in women--heart disease.  Nearly 40 women a minute die from this disease around the country.

It accounts for a half a million deaths every year.  It is so important to raise attention to this issue because heart disease really is a silent killer in women.

Dr. Chad Teeters, a Cardiologist at Highland Hospital explains why, "The characteristic signs that everyone thinks of are the crushing internal pain radiating to the back and the neck and the arm.  In women, it's actually very uncommon for them to present those types of symptoms.  Most women will complain about fatigue or flu like illness kind of symptoms that come on somewhat suddenly."

The Go Red for Women campaign was created in 2004 and has raised more than $200 million for women�s heart health.


Highland Hospital offers free blood pressure screenings on Valentine�s day and free heart screenings for student athletes on February 12thClick here for more information.

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