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Grad Student Urges UR Freshmen to Drop Out, Go to MCC

Peter Thayer's Campus Times piece got a lot of attention.
In a column in the Campus Times, Peter Thayer told freshmen to drop out and go to community college near their hometowns. 

"Freshmen, who are experiencing their first semester, let me save you over forty thousand dollars so mom and dad can buy you a nice car: Drop out now. Go to a local Community College around your hometown, make sure what mom and dad are spending their nest egg on is really what you want to do for a job, and transfer to that dream university after two years," Thayer wrote.

Thayer graduated from Monroe Community College and transferred all his credits to the University of Rochester, where he's now a graduate student studying chemistry.

Thayer discussed his piece on News 8 First at 4. Watch our interview with him by clicking the video above.
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