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GRE Business Report: December 18th

A look at the top business headlines.
More people are headed over the river and through the woods this holiday travel season. AAA thinks lower gas prices have encouraged people to take a year-end trip. They estimate that 94.5 million people will get into a vehicle and drive at least 50 miles sometime during the holiday season. That number has increased .6 percent since last year. AAA says air travel is expected to drop slightly from 5.61 million to 5.53 million from last year. 

If you were hoping to buy Beyonce's new album at your local Target store, we have bad news. The retailer says it will not be stocking its shelves with the singer's new music. Last Friday, Beyonce surprised fans by releasing a new album exclusively on iTunes with no promotion. Target says it is focused on offering music to customers that is made available in various formats at the same time. They say Beyonce's decision to sell her album digitally before a CD was released impacts their demand and sales. 

A $636 million jackpot, the second biggest lottery payout in U.S. history, will be going to at least one winner after someone in San Jose, California picked all six winning Mega Millions numbers Tuesday night. The California ticket was bought at a gift shop in San Jose according to lottery officials. A winning ticket was also sold in Georgia. Had there been no winner last night, the jackpot would have rolled over, likely approaching or event topping the once-unthinkable $1 billion barrier for Friday's drawing. 
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