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GRE Business Report: January 13th

A look at the top business headlines.
Neiman Marcus is the latest store to be hit by data crooks. The upscale retailer announced that its database of credit card customers was hacked. The breach occurred in mid-December, about the same time Target was hacked. It is too soon to know if the two are related. Neiman Marcus officials say they are not notifying customers who may be affected. 

Target is now saying that up to 110 million customers may have had their identity compromised in their security breach. When the breach was first announced, that number was around 40 million. The stolen information does not include just credit cards but also names, mailing addresses, phone numbers and e-mails. You did not necessarily have to shop at Target for your data to be stolen. Any engagement with the store, including calling or signing up for their e-mails, could put you at risk. 

General Motors is recalling about 370,000 trucks because of a fire risk. The affected models include 2014 Chevy Silverados and GMC Sierra full-size trucks. Overheating of exhaust components and cause fires. Drivers will be contacted about the recall by mail. They can take their vehicles to dealerships for free repairs beginning next week. 
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