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GRE Business Report: November 19th

A look at the top business headlines.
Another company is moving in to the Eastman Business Park. Naturally Scientific U.S. is a bio-materials company. The move will bring 50 new jobs to the region by 2016 and 170 jobs by 2018. New York State is providing the company with two loans totaling $8 million. It will use the money to renovate and build a manufacturing plant at the Tech Park. There are no more than four dozen companies at Eastman Business Park.

Last year's Black Friday protests at Walmart have caught the attention of federal officials. The National Labor Relations Board says Walmart illegally threatened to retaliate against employees who protested, making those threats at stores in California and Texas and through statements on national TV. A Walmart spokesperson says the company believes its actions were legal and justified. 

It could be a recipe for disaster on Thanksgiving Day. There is a shortage of large, fresh Butterball turkeys this year. It is all because some farmers who supply Butterball could not get their turkeys to plump up sufficiently, so fresh ones over 16 pounds might be in short supply. But do not panic, there are still plenty of frozen turkeys from Butterball. 
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