Great-Grandmother Spends 9 Days Fasting and Praying

Great-Grandmother Spends 9 Days Fasting and Praying

One woman is taking to the streets to save lives and rid drugs from the streets.
Patricia Millon is 70 years old. She has 4 grand-children and 5 great-grandchildren. They are her world.

She says she is tired of the violence and drugs they have to see in their neighborhood.

She is scared for them to walk to school.  Millon says the corners are littered by drug dealers and bad influences.

So she is taking to the same corner where drug dealers normally congregate - to fast and pray.

For 9 days, she is taking on a peaceful mission to save lives.

Millon is encouraging faith and political leaders to join her in the street.

She says she has had rocks thrown at her and her tent was damaged.

Millon now has a new tent and stays in her van to keep warm at times.

She doesn't view herself as a hero. It's just something she wants to do for her grand-children.

Millon will continue through November 26 on the corner of Bartlett and Jefferson Streets in Rochester
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