Groups Prepare to Clean Up for Earth Day

Groups Prepare to Clean Up for Earth Day

<font size="2">Over the next month, groups of people will be descending on Rochester's roadsides. They will be cleaning up trash ahead of Earth Day.</font>
As winter slowly melts away, the trash of an entire year is uncovered. That's why teams of people are getting ready to bag it up and help out the environment. 

"The reason we do it so early is so people can get out and really see what's on the ground and the trash before the undergrowth comes in," says Regina Nichols, Project Manager at Delta Laboratories.

Delta Laboratories is sponsoring this Earth Day clean up. It's taking place between March 24th and April 22nd. "First you scout around for a safe and accessible location that you would like to see improved. We all have them we drive by them and we are bothered by garbage and things that we see," says Nichols.

Once you find a spot, get some people to help. Then register at any local Friendly's Restaurant and pick up free trash bags to use. Once the cleanup is over you can bring the trash back to the dumpsters at Friendly's and then fill out a clean-up report. There's even an ice cream incentive to participate.

There is a lot of work to be done. Organizers expect more than two thousand people will take part in the clean-up effort this year. "One person, one bag, it all makes a difference," says Nichols.

Last year 1,400 people collected more than 800 bags of trash and debris. Nichols says it's an important thing to do, not just because it looks better, but because over time trash can have a damaging effect

"Meanwhile the chemicals from these items leach into our groundwater, into our streams, into our waterways and then they wonder why our beaches are closed in the summer," adds Nichols.

In fact, recent research shows Lake Ontario is the most stressed of all the great lakes.

For more information on the clean-up effort and to register a team click here.   

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