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Health Watch: January 24th

A look at the stories affecting your health.
A new study suggests vitamin D supplements have little impact on your health. New Zealand researchers found that supplements do not prevent heart attack, stroke or cancer, and may even increase the risk of hip fractures. Nearly half of U.S. adults take supplements. Vitamin D deficiency is linked with poor health and early death. 

Obese mothers are more likely to have children with metabolic disorders like diabetes. Yale's School of Medicine found that mothers who consumed large amounts of fat during their third trimester may re-wire their child's brain, putting them at risk for lifelong obesity. More than one-third of children are currently overweight in the U.S., putting them in danger of long-term health problems. 

Another study shows the first trimester of pregnancy may be a critical time for cardiovascular health. Researchers in the Netherlands found that children who were underdeveloped as fetuses had more total fat mass, higher blood pressure and bad cholesterol by age six. The first trimester is a period of rapid development for the heart and other major organs. 
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