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Health Watch: November 14th

A look at the latest news affecting your health.
New research shows more than half of all non-surgical patients receive powerful opioid drugs in the hospital. Opioids are narcotic pain medications, including Oxycodone and Morphine. They are often prescribed to patients undergoing operations, but a new analysis finds they are widely prescribed to all kinds of patients at very high doses. 

A new study finds women who have asthma take longer to get pregnant. Researchers found women who have the respiratory condition were more likely to try for more than a year to conceive. The risk went up even more for asthma sufferers who did not get treatment. Researchers say the inflammation caused by asthma may account for the delayed fertility.

Drinking a moderate amount of coffee may help ward off Type 2 diabetes. A report finds drinking three to four cups a day lowers the risk of developing the disease by 25 percent. The report also found that regular and decaffeinated had the same benefits. 
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