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Health Watch: November 25th

A look at the stories affecting your health.
Steroid injections given to pregnant women ahead of premature delivery may increase a baby's risk of behavioral problems later on. Doctors often give steroids to mothers before they deliver early to help the baby's lungs develop. Researchers in London and Finland found the drug may increase the risk of disorders, including ADHD. But they say the immediate benefits of steroids on a baby's health outweigh possible long-term risks.

Children who contract the H1N1 flu have a better chance of surviving if they receive a type of anti-viral drug called neuraminidase inhibitor, or NAI. Researchers studied nearly 800 California children who had H1N1 during the 2009 global flu pandemic. Six percent of the patients treated with an NAI died, compared to eight percent of the untreated patients.

The cancer-causing chemical known as PCB still affected the health of older Americans, even though it has been outlawed in the U.S. since 1979. A new study found a link between PCB, which can be found in water and soil, and lower cognitive abilities among 70 to 84-year-olds. The link was weaker with adults in their 60s.
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