House of Memories For Sale

House of Memories For Sale

An eclectic house in Penfield is for sale.

There is one house in Penfield that likes to decorate. Some of it is on the outside. However, most of it is inside.

Our Caroline Tucker took a tour inside a unique home with a unique history.

"We were neighbors .There was a house in between us. Then we were bad. We got to know each other,” said Norbert and Doreen Reese as they finished one another's sentences.

Doreen and Norbert Reese have shared their lives for the last 40 years.

"As long as he lets me do what I want to do, I don't have a problem," said Doreen.

They have also shared all of their stuff.

“ I don't think anybody has been as involved in collecting as we have,” laughed Norbert Reese.

They collect trinkets and caskets, dolls, and candles galore.

"They want to know if it's a country store or a museum. They can't understand that it is a house," said Doreen.

It's a bit cluttered and a bit eclectic.

"There were like 510 Raggedy Ann cloth dolls and close to 500 ceramic and other items and posters and pictures," explained Norbert inside their one room dedicated to the orphan doll.

Every nook and cranny is home to Norbert and Doreen.

Norbert says it all started when Doreen would collect folk dolls at local arts festivals like Corn Hill.

“She would find a doll and she just loved them. And then it grew, and grew, and grew.

With each new collection, they had to add a new addition onto their Penfield home on Five Mile Line Road.

“Everything has a story to it,” explained Norbert.

"The wagon it brings back a lot of memories to me because when I was a kid in Buffalo, I delivered the newspaper," Norbert explains on a small porch. His wife found the wagon at a sale and surprised him with it.

There is a them to everything. Norbert's favorite is the 50's themed room – complete with a soda bar, tables, and a working jukebox.

"I was in the military in the 50's when we went into a soda bar there was a jukebox,” said Norbert. He said he always loved to ask the girls to dance.

Norbert and Doreen are in their 70's now and said it's time to let some stuff go.

"It was more important when we were younger because we knew we were going to have a lot of time to spend with it. And now we don't have much time left so we have to get rid of it,” said Norbert.

“We are on our way out,” Doreen chimed in.

Piece by piece each Elvis figurine and Coca Cola bottle went to the highest bidder at one of the couple's recent auctions.

"Maybe we try to hold on to something meaningful of our past and want more of it," said Linda DeVeronica, a buyer.

Doreen said it was tough to let go especially after all it cost for their collections.

"The money that we spent putting into this stuff is gone out for pennies, but it has to happen in order to move on," said Doreen.

The couple is not just selling the stuff inside their home, but their house too is up for sale.

"They can change it into anything, these rooms could be completely turned around," said Doreen.

This house of wonders might get sold but their collection of memories will never be auctioned off.

The house is on the market for $420,000.

The couple also plans to hold more auctions of their collections.

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