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How To Enforce Snow Removal in Rochester

Rochester requires homeowners to clear sidewalks, but is it enforced?

Steady snowfall has meant that lots of snow has piled up on Rochester's streets and sidewalks.

Darren Wynne knows it's a lot of work to keep up with the snow.

"It is a lot considering I am from Ireland and we don't get a lot of snow in Ireland and there is too much snow here,” said Wynne, a homeowner.

The City of Rochester requires that homeowners or renters on the first floor clear the walkways.

You can get a ticket or a bill if the city has to clean up for you.

"Safety over anything else. I think the city came and did the sidewalks maybe last week but only gets to us like once a week or so," said Wynne.

it's not hard to find those sidewalks that are not clear.

it forces people to navigate around the mounds of snow.

"It's horrible. I catch the bus I know firsthand the sidewalks is coming up to knees barely can get on, real hard to do," said Timothy Jones, a bus rider.

It's even worse when your job takes you from house to house.

"Not seeing the steps, that is really dangerous if you are walking up the steps and can't see them. I tend to pass them by," said Richard Baker, a postal carrier.

Mail carriers see the best and the worst of it.

If the sidewalk is not clear - you'll have to wait for that important holiday package.

"We have discretion to if we feel it unsafe to not give the mail out or bring it out the next day. Our goal is to deliver all of our mail," said Baker.

If it snows more than three inches, then the city will send out sidewalk plows to clear the snow, but anything left over you do have to shovel it

The city admits it can't always enforce the code because there are nearly 70,000 properties.

The hope is that homeowners will do the right thing.

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