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The Monroe County Library System offers what may be one of the best kept secrets in Rochester - a service that delivers books directly to your door.
      Like many institutions, the Monroe County Library System is coming to terms with an undeniable fact: nearly one in 11 local residents is age 60 and older, and that number grows every year. The library now offers many services for older adults, including what may be one of the best kept secrets in Rochester.
      Once a month, Liz Barry packs a bag of audio books from the Rochester Central Library, and delivers them to Ada Mackay at Ada's home in Greece. Ada is blind, and an avid reader. Since she can't go to the library, the library goes to her.
      The in home library is one of a growing number of library services for older adults. The Monroe County Library System provides 1000 books a month to dozens of senior housing communities, nursing homes, and senior centers. Every library in the system is stocked with large print and audio books, special technology for the deaf and hard of hearing, ramps and other tools for people with limited mobility, and plenty of special programs such book clubs, computer classes and seminars.
      At any given time, there are some 40 patrons who use the in home library.
      Ada signed up three years ago, and says she's thrilled with the service.
      If you'd like to learn more about in home library, call 585-428-8312 or click here.

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