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Inner Loop Fill-In Awarded Funding

The city is expected to move forward with filling in the eastern portion of the Inner Loop.
The city was awarded $17.7 million in federal funding to fill in the eastern portion of the Inner Loop. The project has been on the drawing board for years, but has lacked funding.

The project cost $23 million. Anticipating the federal funding, the city is moving to the design phase and held a meeting Wednesday night at City Hall to get public input.

The city maintains the sunken highway, built in the 1960s, cuts off downtown from surrounding neighborhoods. Filling it in would create a boulevard and make 9 acres available for development. The city claims the highway is underused, with fewer cars driving on the Inner Loop than Monroe Avenue.

Construction could begin next fall and would take two years to complete.

News 8 interviewed city Transportation Specialist Erik Frisch about the project on Wednesday. To watch, click on the video above.
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