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Irondequoit Bay Bridge Will Close a Weekend in June

The Irondequoit Bridge will close for several weekends this summer starting in June.
Webster Town Supervisor Ronald Nesbitt is concerned about construction plans for the Irondequoit Bay Bridge.  Not only are lanes being reduced, but the bridge will be closed several weekends this summer.  On the weekends, 30-thousand people travel both ways on the Bay Bridge. Concerns are not just about traffic delays, but how the project could slow down emergency responders.  "This was not thought out very well by New York State," said Ronald Nesbitt, Webster Town Supervisor.  "How are my residents going to get out of here if Ginna has a problem or if you have a medical emergency with only one exit?"  Crews have to repair four bridge joints that hold the bridge together.  The Bay Bridge is over 40-years-old.  John Bickford said, "The importance of fixing this outweighs every inconvience it might cause."  Bickford is the labor foreman for the construction company doing the repairs.  "In two years or 10 years when my grandchild or somebody elses grandchild or a school bus is going over this bridge in the middle of winter and the joint isnt perfect something is going to happen," said Bickford.   The first weekend the bridge is scheduled to be closed is June 22nd - June 24th.  The Webster Chamber of Commerce has started a Twitter page to update drivers on construction delays. 

To go to the Twitter page, click here.
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