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James Bradley Trial Soon To Begin

A jury will soon hear arguments in the case of a man accused of striking and killing a young boy with his car.
James Bradley, 53, sat solemnly in court Monday. He is facing manslaughter charges after allegedly running over and killing seven-year-old Sahmir Williams two years ago.

Police originally believed Bradley suffered a seizure while driving, which led him to lose control of his car, resulting in the death of Williams. But now authorities say Bradley was under the influence of marijuana when he drove onto a field at School #33 on Webster Avenue in May 2011. Williams was playing kickball on the field when he was hit.

A packed room of jurors filed into Monroe County Court Judge Vincent Dinolfo's court room where they were asked a series of questions by Assistant District Attorney Perry Duckles and defense attorney Amanda Conner. Duckles was first to address the jurors.

The trial is expected to last two weeks. The jurors will not be sequestered during the remainder of the trial.
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