Jim Kelly Will Not Need Chemo

Jim Kelly Will Not Need Chemo

Bills legend doing well in battle against cancer
Jim Kelly will not need chemotherapy or radiation treatment in his battle against jaw cancer.

News 8 Sports Director John Kucko got the good news from a source close to Kelly Wednesday night. The ex-Bills quarterback is doing well as he recovers from a surgery to remove and repair his upper jaw on June 7th.

Doctors said they expected a speedy and successful recovery from the moment surgery was completed. Tests revealed the cancer did not spread, but doctors could not say for sure then if chemo would be necessary.

Kelly returned home from the hospital the following Monday, three days after the operation.

The specific name of the cancer is squamous cell carcinoma. Doctors removed the part of the jawbone where the cancer was found and then re-constructed the affected area.

Kelly said he plans to attack his recovery head-on as "Kellys always do."
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