Jim Szczesniak Celebrates End Of Career

Jim Szczesniak Celebrates End Of Career

After losing the election for Livingston County Sheriff in November, Undersheriff Jim Szczesniak says it is time to retire.
Outgoing Livingston County Undersheriff Jim Szczesniak says when you run for sheriff, it is all or nothing. After losing the November election, it is time for him to retire.

Szczesniak spoke with me in his office, which is now mostly empty. The undersheriff lost the race for Livingston County Sheriff to Investigator Tom Dougherty. 

"During that election process there was an undersheriff that was going to be there besides me and I think that's clear. There are some administrative changes. I'm not the only one that leaves today," he said.

Two other members of the department are retiring with the change in leadership. Szczesniak has spent his entire career in Livingston County, starting as a part-time corrections officer in 1985. He has held nearly every rank with the sheriff's department. 

"Being out there day in and day out, answering the 911 calls; that's a great opportunity. It is. You're out there helping people immediately and that is a plus," he said.

Szczesniak had time to reflect on his nearly 30 years at the department while cleaning out his office. 

"The stories and the memories are forever lasting. It's not one particular incident or one particular memory that stands out but it's the impact that you're able to have on a community," he said.

Despite losing the race that ended his career in LivingstonCounty, Szczesniak says he does not have any regrets. 

"Until you step forward and run for public office I don't think anyone truly absorbs what it's going to mean and what's there. There's reasons for everything and at that point it was clear to move on and make other choices," he said.

As for what is next, Szczesniak says he is not quite sure. 
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