Kodak Alaris: A New Future For Old Businesses

Kodak Alaris: A New Future For Old Businesses

Two old Kodak businesses have merged into one new company, separate from Kodak.
When Kodak's Document Imaging and Personalized Imaging were sold off to the UK Pension Plan they did not disappear. Instead the two businesses merged into a brand new company known as Kodak Alaris.

The transition happened once Kodak emerged from bankruptcy on Tuesday afternoon. You can find the new company inside of Building 205 at the Eastman Business Park.

"It's a strange dichotomy where we have a long and rich history and tradition that we are bringing along but we are starting with a clean slate,"  said Dennis Olbrich, Personalized Imaging President for Kodak Alaris.

Between 700 and 1000 former U.S. Kodak employees now work for Kodak Alaris.

"These two businesses are very successful, very sustainable, have great growth opportunities, and we can focus on those growth opportunities rather than other things that were important to Eastman Kodak Company," said Olbrich.

That name, Alaris, was made up, but still has meaning.

"A sense of speed, agility and nimbleness, which we are trying to build as the new company also it has kind of a futurist feel," said Olbrich.

Commercial scanner manufacturing happens in Rochester. Government contracts are a big part of the growing DI business.

"Really have the complete control of our destiny and what we are investing in and where we go that is just very exciting for the entire team," said said Dolores Kruchten, Document Imaging President for Kodak Alaris.

Commercial scanners are faster and more accurate. Consumers will still see the Kodak name in stores with some new technology. Photo kiosks now print photos right from your cell phone. Olbrich says film isn't quite dead yet.

“We will continue to offer film as long as there is enough profitable demand for it,” said Olbrich.

Kodak Alaris plans to stay at the Eastman Business Park for at least the next five years. Worldwide, the company has more than 47-hundred employees.
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