Kodak and Kennedy: 50 Years Later

Kodak and Kennedy: 50 Years Later

Kodak played a major role in analyzing Kennedy assassination evidence.
In 1996, Kodak took on some pro-bono work for the U.S. Government. 

It had to do with one of the most famous home movies shot on Kodak film and a presidential assassination that forever changed America.

A team of Kodak engineers and scientists worked on the project. Two of those people wrote important reports about the validity of the Kennedy assassination autopsy photographs and the Zapruder film.

News 8 spoke with Rollie Zavada, a former Kodak engineer who helped develop Kodak's Kodachrome II film and spent hours verifying if any of the photographic evidence from the fateful day in Dallas was ever tampered with.

Zavada talks about his role and what he found with Caroline Tucker.
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